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Learn from the best…. Author Anna Johnson brings 4 unique books to inspire us

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1.savvy chic book savvy chic

Savvy Chic The Art of More for Less”, by Anna Johnson

Luxury living can still be achieved on a budget. “Savvy Chic” will teach you how to entertain, decorate, travel, and dress for less. In elegant prose, Anna Johnson combines a unique mix of anecdote, riff, and how-to, and shares her secrets of survivalist chic. She mixes the passionate with the practical to come up dozens of ideas for enhancing your lifestyle without killing your bank account.

You can find the book on or at the library

2.handbags book

“Handbags: 900 Bags to die for” by Anna Johnson

This little book is a must-have for anyone who loves fashion. The full-color photographs depict the history of the accessory many of us can’t live without– the handbag. You’ll get to see purses dating as far back as the 16th century, as well as those made by famous designers like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Plus, each page also contains interesting details about the styles, designers, and purposes of the handbag throughout time. You’ll be surprised at how many beautiful, interesting, and unusual purses fit into such a little book! A great addition to your coffee table!!!

You can find the book on or at the library

3.three black squirt

“Three Black Skirts: All you need to survive” by Anna Johnson

It’s about solitude. It’s about stain removal. It’s about beauty, and what to do when feeling blue. It’s about attitude and atomizers, stock funds and stockings that match. It’s about life your life and how to get it together.

In a smart, funny, and refreshingly down to earth survival guide, Anna Johnson covers it all: health, dating money, career moves, style, sex, nutrition, responsibility, home decor, body image, friendship. And, of course, the indispensability of owning three black skirts one to seduce, one to succeed, one to slob out in. You will love it!

You can find the book on or at the library


“The Yummy Mummy Manifesto” by Anna Johnson

A Yummy Mummy strides through maternity with style, passion, savvy, a healthy sense of self, and killer cleavage. She soars above the domestic rut, craves creative revelation, and turns motherhood into an adventure–an art rather than a skill.

It’s all about loving yourself and finding a way to be a whole, passionate, vibrant personality, even while you’re caring for a small person who regularly coats you in their bodily fluids.

You can find the book on or at the library


Letter addressed to my dear friend

Dear friend,

I can’t thank you enough for being such a good friend to me. You pushed my limits many times and encouraged me to do all the crazy things to follow my dreams.

Here I am, on my blog writing this message and thinking of you, on how you impacted my life in so many ways. You believed in something I never knew I could. You believed in my talent and I’m grateful for that.

Thanks to the “smart black and white friend” who sent me tens of emails with links how can I get my blog up and running. Love it!!!

I know you will freak out when you will read this post. There is nothing more beautiful than your modesty.

I will keep you updated …….and please let me be anonymous for awhile.

Thanks for all your support

Your best friend,



Welcome to the Smart and Fashionable Woman blog!


Let’s talk about fashion and how intelligent females dress when they are engaged in a variety of activities.

We all know that a woman can achieve anything in this world if she puts her mind to it.

Being smart and beautiful it is what ads prosperity and success in your life. So let’s work together in getting that perfect look, even if all you have in your mind is to get back to the book that you were reading last night, or how to get all the household chores done in time.

It is when we meet someone, or when we interview for a job, that first impression is what opens a door to new friendships and a prosperous job/career. I want to encourage women to be determinant and  confident.

Confidence is when you feel good about your abilities to reach and/or achieve something.

So let’s explore different ways in how you can manage to look pretty and confident either it’s at work, dinning with a friend or going to a party.





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