Black and Red for Valentine’s Day!?


Hearts and flowers; diamonds and chocolate; black and red for an unforgettable V Day!

You can order your outfit online or you can shop at your favorite store!!!

Here are some ideas:






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It’s a new week! Start fresh…

Let Monday bring the best in you!!! A fresh start with a fresh look to make you feel more confident and successful.

New ideas on how to put together an outfit. Accessorize and play with it till you feel satisfied with the outcome!!!

Have a great week!!!






Is grey the new black?

From Black and White to Grey and Black? A  easy color to play with, where you can add small details to give you minimal air to the whole look. Simple yet sophisticated!!!

The result? An elegant shade if you ask me. I do hope that grey will become more than a sweater or a coat! And women will be more confident in wearing this color no matter how old they are!

I attached some pictures to prove that. Let me know what you think!

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“We believe the fashion trend should not be controlled by the few, but rather be guided by the collective actions of every designer and fashion consumer.

We believe fashion should be personal and diversified. Fashion designers should not cater exclusively to the rich and famous. “-

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